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The opening of the Memorial Park on Saturday the 2nd May 1925 was an impressive ceremony.  Crowds totalling several thousand, assembled to pay homage to the memory of the gallant heroes of Pembroke Dock so many of whom gave their lives in the Great War of 1914-18. It is a sad coincidence that Gwyther Street, the street adjacent to the park, contained the homes of the largest number of men who fell in the war.

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Opening P.D. Memorial Park 1925 - Silver Key

A Brief History of Pembroke Dock Bowling Club

(The Start Of It All)

by Mr. Ken Edwards


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Lady Meyrick wife of General Sir F.C. Meyrick opened the Memorial Park. The Mayor presented Lady Meyrick with a silver key, suitably inscribed, as a memento of the occasion. Lady Meyrick then unlocked the gates, and declared the park open.


Opening P.D. Memorial Park 1925 - At Main Gate

The huge throng then entered the park and proceeded to the bowling green, where his worship the Mayor, Councillor W.G. Lloyd, was presented with a Silver Jack by Councillor G.E. Manning, after which the Mayor formally opened the bowling green.

Opening of PDBC Green 1925 - Silver Jack (Modified


               During the afternoon an opening match was played between teams from Tenby and

               Pembroke Dock. The result was a win for the Pembroke Dock Bowling team by 25 shots.